With our Precoolers & Recoolers™, your Fresh Produce will Last Longer and Weigh More (than it does without precooling/recooling™) - Guaranteed.

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At Global Cooling, we solve problems, deliver elegant solutions, and create enduring value. Starting at the Packhouse - with World-Class-Fast Precooling systems - we help you preserve the quality, weight, and shelf life of your fresh fruit and vegetables. 


Our Ripening Systems likewise just flat-out get the job done, consistently and reliably.


Quality Sells, Always Has, Always Will.


Who is In Charge of Reducing Shrink at Your Company?
Decrease Costs & Increase Profits with Our Proven Systems...

Reducing Shrink is Pure Profit™
Fresh fruit and vegetables (and flowers too) are extemely sensitive to damage caused by improper temperatures, ethylene gas, too-low humidity, and other airborne contaminants. When you reduce shrink - either weight loss, or losses due to claims, credits, mark-downs, or repack - the savings go straight to the bottom line as Pure Profit.


We offer tarp, tarp-free (vertical airflow), and mobile solutions for precooling, inlcuding reversing airflow technology. We are the leading supplier of Pre Cooling solutions to the Northeast USA.


Ripening Rooms

We offer tarp, tarp-free, and mobile solutions for ripening. Controlled Atmosphere techniques are used, for maximum results



What We Do

  • Precooling
    Jet Precoolers™, Rapid-Cool™ Vertical Airflow Precooling™, 2-tier systems, Tarp tunnels, Ultra-high humidity, and mobile.
  • Ripening
    Controlled-Atmosphere Ripening.
  • Ethylene Gassing Control
    Stop turning your warehouse into one big ripening room. Buy Online!


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