We Build the World's Best Ripening Rooms

With Controlled Atmosphere Ripening™, your Ripening Process is Easy, Reliable, Flexible, & Future-Proof™.

At Global Cooling, we solve problems, deliver elegant solutions, and create enduring value. Our Pressurized Ripening Rooms are easy to use, and energy-efficient. Ripen automatically with our Controlled Atmosphere Ripening™ software. Control your ripening rooms from any SmartPhone too. Contact Us Today.

  • Optimize airflow for each commodity, pack, or partial load.
  • Reversing airflow available, for even more uniform ripening.
  • No need for pulp probes.
  • Ultrasonic humidification.
  • Precise control of oxygen and carbon dioxide levels.
  • Use less ethylene gas with our automatic ethylene sensor controls.
  • Alarms and notifications via email and SMS.
  • Logs, trends, and graphs.
  • Remote control from PC or MAC, tablets, and smart phones.


The best pressurized ripening rooms. Ripen bananans, ripen avocados, ripen tomatoes, ripen mango, ripen papaya, ripen melons, ripen tree fruit, and more. Lowest operating costs, lowest total cost of ownership. Why not contact us for a free quote? It's free, and you have nothing to lose, and maybe a lot of money to save.

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"Controlled-Atmosphere Ripening™" Will Change Your World (and Increase Your Profits!!):

  • Be Green - less hydrocarbon emissions;
  • Reduce Ethylene Liquid Costs;
  • When you gas a room to 2,000 ppm, and then open the room door to check the fruit, that 2,000 ppm air volume mixes with the warehouse air, and dilutes, but might still be as high as 20 or 40 or 60 ppm throughout your entire warehouse. That is enough ethylene to ripen/ruin all produce sensitive to ethylene;
  • The industry's first reliable, dependable Ethylene Sensor, accurate to +/- 2ppm;
  • Consistent gassing levels regardless of room loading, commodity, or conditions;
  • Too-High Ethylene Levels in the Warehouse, induce senescence, and reduce the curb appeal, shelf life, and net saleable weight of almost all Fresh Produce;
  • Have trouble holding green fruit? When you gas a room to too-high a level, you can also gas the adjacent rooms, and you also stress door gaskets and wall penetrations, inadvertently gassing other fruit to ripen too soon;
  • Use Your existing Generators, we take over control of them.
  • We realize this is an "out of body experience" for most Ripeners and Produce Managers, please feel free to call or email with any and all questions or concerns.
  • eMail us for Project Quote: Solutions@ControlledAtmosphereRipening.com
  • Or use our Contact Form.

What We Do

Reasons why we are the "New State of the Art"

Ethylene Sensor Gassing Control, minimizes your gas cost, and stops turning your entire warehouse into one big ripening room.

Precise Control of Oxygen and CO2 levels, automatically.

Ultrasonic Humidifiers for Most Weight to Sell, Longest Shelf-life.

Fan Motor Speed Control, to Optimize Airflow, & Minimize Electrical Costs.

Auto-Reversing Airflow Direction Option Available, for even More-Uniform Ripening.

Reliable Industrial-Grade Ripening Software and Hardware.

Tablet and Smartphone are Standard.